Eigensinn: Die Wahrheit

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Artist: Eigensinn

Artist: Eigensinn
Title: Die Wahrheit

After the band has drawn much attention to them through their amazing live performances they finally released their highly anticipated debut album "Die Wahrheit" in May 2009. Eigensinn did work on the album for four years and kept improving their style. Eigensinn just wanted to use German lyrics on "Die Wahrheit" and they strictly stuck to that concept. Eigensinn also found their very own way of dealing with provocative themes and transferring them into their music and lyrics, always finding the right hard style and the right aggressiveness. The 12 songs on "Die Wahrheit" full of energy and power, also thanks to Eigensinn's female singer Nemesis, who has the same intensity on stage. The 12 songs on the album, e.g. "Kraft", "Sternenkind", "Eiskalt", "Feuerengel",etc. Are well balanced between gothic, metal and alternative rock but there are also some softer tunes like "Stimme" or songs that are more provocative like "Schrei".

1.1 Kraft
1.2 Sternenkind
1.3 Eiskalt
1.4 Wahrheit
1.5 Schrei
1.6 Feuerengel
1.7 Überlicht
1.8 Freier Fall
1.9 Spring!
1.10 Die Macht
1.11 Heut Nacht
1.12 Stimmen
1.13 Tränen Aus Blut (Version 2004)

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