Einstein's Sister

Einstein's Sister: Learning Curves

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Artist: Einstein's Sister
Title: Learning Curves

Intended to be our final album, 'LEARNING CURVES' opened the doors to the Power-Pop kingdom for us in 1999, becoming one of our finest efforts. LEARNING CURVES, to our amazement received rave reviews and ended up on Top Ten Lists for various music publications. What a difference a solid album made, combined with the abilities of great bandmates, two talented co-producer/engineers, wonderful guest musicians (including members of the Quad-City Symphony) and a low-interest credit card (the ultimate D.I.Y. resource). A fine place to start your Einstein's Sister collection! 'Catchy, bouncy melodies that are bound to make even the most curmudgeonly among you sway your head, tap your feet and celebrate life' - David Bash (Amplifier Magazine)

1.1 Jealous Time (Intro)
1.2 Jealous Time
1.3 Come Saturday
1.4 My Secret Life
1.5 Mr. Genius
1.6 No Laughing Matter
1.7 Destiny Will Ride
1.8 Country Song #5
1.9 Castles (Chanson Pour Ponette)
1.10 See You Again
1.11 Together We're Alone
1.12 Memory Waiting to Happen

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