El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del Mar: El Perro Del Mar

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Product Type: CD

Artist: El Perro Del Mar
Title: El Perro Del Mar

Australian exclusive pressing of this 2006 release from this Swedish outfit features four bonus tracks: 'Shake It Off', 'Do the Dog', 'Say' and 'Hello Goodbye' all previously released on her very rare Swedish only single. El Perro del Mar features the warm vocals of Sarah Assuring, who conveys beauty and sadness with glorious Euro-flavored fragility and an ice-cool delivery. 14 tracks total. Rogue Records.

1.1 Candy
1.2 God Knows (You've Gotta Give to Get)
1.3 Party
1.4 People
1.5 Dog
1.6 I Can't Talk About It
1.7 Coming Down the Hill
1.8 This Loneliness
1.9 It's All Good
1.10 Here Comes the Feeling
1.11 Shake It Off (Bonus Track)
1.12 Do the Dog (Bonus Track)
1.13 Say (Bonus Track)
1.14 Hello Goodbye (Bonus Track)

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