El Tarasko & Agente Serrano

El Tarasko & Agente Serrano: Entrando Sin Permiso

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Artist: El Tarasko & Agente Serrano
Title: Entrando Sin Permiso

Entrando Sin Permiso an album compose by two Latin Urban rappers who's names are 'El Tarazko, & Agente Serrano'. This production consist of songs about Immigration, Strong feelings towards the government, about love, it also includes a very Latin tropical rap song known as the Mexican Cumbia. It has had a very successful acceptance among the local community and the artist have been invited to promote the CD on a television program in Chicago at a local Latin TV show, and also have participated in various events including a show on six flags magic mountain.

1.1 El Gobierno y Sus Soldados
1.2 The Armas
1.3 Take It All Back
1.4 Murmuros Seguiran
1.5 El Inmigrante
1.6 La Pluma Poderosa
1.7 Mi Low Low
1.8 Amarga Navidad
1.9 La Cumbia Chingona
1.10 Were Still Rollin
1.11 Entrando Sin Permiso
1.12 La Respuesta
1.13 No Contact

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