Elaine Silver

Elaine Silver: Touch the Earth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Elaine Silver

Title: Touch the Earth
Label: CD Baby

This is a compilation from several of Elaine's CDs, and a few new, never-been-recorded tunes. These songs loving honor and celebrate the Earth, the Moon and the Stars and invite the listener to do the same. Touch the Earth, Feel the Sky!

1.1 Touch the Earth
1.2 Walk on Common Ground
1.3 Walkin' Under Scorpio
1.4 Infinitely Faerie
1.5 The Blue and Green
1.6 Grandmother Moon
1.7 Goddess Guide Us
1.8 Sister Moon Brother Sun
1.9 God Is the Sun / Goddess Is the Earth
1.10 Full in the Full Moon Light
1.11 Sunset in Cape May
1.12 Stormwinds
1.13 The Blue Moon Song / Faeries' Moon
1.14 Call on the Moon
1.15 The Heart of a Woman
1.16 Arianrhod
1.17 May the Long Time Sun Shine
1.18 By the Earth

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