Elandor: Loveless Mind

Elandor: Loveless Mind
Artist: Elandor
Title: Loveless Mind

2015 release, the fourth album from the Frankfurt, Germany-based dark rock band. Loveless Mind moves between classic dark rock songs ("Obscura", "Rising Fear") and melancholy compositions ("Her Song", "Ohne Dich"). A real asset to their sounds is female violinist Indra who refines the songs with her soulful playomg. Singing in English and German, vocalist and front man Markus' voice serves up everything from urgent melancholia to pretty darkness and back again.

1.1 The Unforgotten 01:35
1.2 Loveless Mind 03:55
1.3 Ohne Dich 04:44
1.4 Obscura 04:51
1.5 Rising Fear 04:06
1.6 Tales of Hearts 05:13
1.7 Her Song 05:13
1.8 Desire 04:17
1.9 Withering Pureness 04:03
1.10 Cold Funeral 06:43
1.11 Shattered Hope 03:41
1.12 Redemption 03:46
1.13 The Light 05:09

Elandor: Loveless Mind

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