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Electric Dave: Still Rocking

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Artist: Electric Dave

Artist: Electric Dave
Title: Still Rocking

DAVE ELECTRIC is born in Milan, Italy in 1956. At the age of five he starts taking piano lessons, but soon embraces the instrument of his life: guitar. An Australian art director called Bob Elliot shows him the first blues chords, and Dave forms his first band The Four Lions with his brother Paul and Bob's sons Robin and Matthew in 1965. During the early seventies Dave plays acoustic guitar with his best friend Max Crippa in some Milan's nightclubs. Max & Dave's repertoire consists of 100 original songs. They are noticed by the CGD recording company CEO who tries to convince them to sign a contract, but to no avail: they don't want to sing in Italian. During the high school years Dave performs with a band called Natdröm (which includes his cousin Alberto Biraghi now considered Europe's greatest authority on vintage guitars) in Milan's student pop festivals, featuring covers of Status Quo and of the Beatles, and with a band of high school mates called The Fire. A sold-out concert at Teatro Gnomo in Milan with a young Giorgio Cocilovo (actually one of Italy's best guitarists) on lead guitar is their swan song. At the end of the seventies Dave joins the Pulsar, a rock outfit that features Pino Scotto of future Vanadium fame on vocals. Pulsar's repertoire includes covers of U.F.O., Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones and Wishbone Ash. At the beginning of the eighties Dave lives in London's Battersea and plays with a band called Funtime, whose decadent music a la Roxy Music gains the group a gig as supporters at the world famous Marquee. Back in Milan after three years, Dave starts to record his music. The turning point comes in 1986, when tv star and producer Claudio Cecchetto puts him under contract, releasing the E.P. (Disco Mix) of "She's ready to rock!"- written and composed by Dave Electric- on the Ibiza label, and broadcasting on DeeJay Television the video clip of this rock anthem written by Dave and director Livio Loris. The record sells over 30.000 copies and thanks to Cecchetto Dave signs a new contract for the record company CGD which, though releasing "She's ready to rock!" as a single (withdrawn from shops after a couple of weeks and now a collector's item), apparently didn't sign! The track is chosen for the soundtrack of a movie called "Italian Fast Food" by famous roman directors Carlo and Enrico Vanzina. As Cecchetto's interests lie in Disco music, Dave produces his first LP on his own and names it "Lead Guitar & Vocals" (1988). It's recorded with superb session men including old friend Cocilovo, Patrizio Fariselli (Area), Claudio Bazzari, Paolo Donnarumma, Enrico Gazzola and Lucio Bardi and features 6 Dave original songs out of 10. The track "Let it Roll" is chosen for the compilation "Faces" by the independent label Face Records. Dave forms the Dave Electric Band and tours Italy and Switzerland with very positive responses and reviews. Moreover he takes part in the making of three records by his friend Max Meazza as lead guitarist or backing vocalist in 7 tracks. In 1994 Dave produces his first CD totally sung in Italian, called "I bravi ragazzi non suonano il rock'n'roll" (Nice guys don't play rock'n'roll) for the Accordo label. The CD is recorded with his tour musicians: Francois Zille, Roberto Testini and Stefano Secco and features 3 Dave's originals plus Rose Tattoo, Spin Doctors, Kinks, Grand Funk, Neil Diamond, Dave Edmunds, Company of Wolves covers. In 1996 a super trio is born: Energy!!!, featuring Joe Valeriano on bass and Mauro Gilli on drums. The 4 track CD "Smashing" recorded by the threesome includes one Dave's original called "I know you" and three covers of Sex Pistols, Kingsmen and Nine Below Zero's tunes. Energy!!!'s tour culminates with a live performance at Paolo Rossi's show "Scatafascio" nationally broadcasted on Italia 1 television on Saturday 21st of March 1998. Energy!!! perform "Pack, Fair and Square" playing among a "wild bunch" of Italian Hell's Angels and their Harleys. Energy!!! disbands the following year and in 2000 Dave joins Milan's famous rock-blues band called Downtown driven by guitarist Frank Malanga and featuring Angelo Stroppa on bass and vocals plus ex Energy!!!'s mate Mauro Gilli on drums. After 9 years of touring with The Downtown and more than 200 live dates, Dave enters a recording studio again to prove that even if 12 years have passed since his last record, he is "Still Rocking." STILL ROCKING The idea of recording a CD with a personal version of the tracks I always love to hear on my CD player came to me in the summer of 2007. I first compiled a list of 100 songs, then reduced them to 50, then 30, and finally - the hardest part - to 10. I knew I could count on my old friend Giorgio Cocilovo for what would concern the musical direction and the arrangements of the tracks. In fact he did much more, suggesting the studios and the musicians besides adding his distinguished, delightful guitar playing. In September we met in the parking lot of a Shopping Center outside Milan and we listened together to the original songs commenting and producing ideas. On November the 10th we were recording our first track at Lele Melotti's fab recording studio...and as they say the rest is history. Here are the main credits. You'll find them all in the Still Rocking booklet. Hope you like it. DAVE ELECTRIC.

1.1 The Message
1.2 Buckets of Rain
1.3 Dirty Water
1.4 Why Don't You Try Me Tonight?
1.5 Rock You Up
1.6 Lucille
1.7 Another Girl, Another Planet
1.8 Shame, Shame, Shame
1.9 Learning How to Rock'N'Roll
1.10 Cigarettes and Alcohol

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