Electric Earth: Touching the Void

Electric Earth: Touching the Void
Title: Touching the Void
Label: CD Baby

Review from Über Röck (UK) Aug 2011 Electric Earth have been doing the rounds since 2001, and the post Zeppelin grunge of the 1990s commands a large presence in their latest offering, 'Touching The Void'. Evidently then they share a sound with their influences such as early Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden. In fact, three songs in to the album, and just as I thought I was listening to something akin to Soundgarden, the words 'black hole supernova' were sung from the ballad-esque 'Collision With The Sun', and I was instantly taken back to the 1994 album, 'Superunkown'. 'Touching The Void' being Electric Earth's first release since 2007 (following the tragic loss of singer Peter Gottlieb's wife to cancer) the band are eager to show they are back and raring to go. Now in 2011, the band are 'determined once again to set the rock 'n' roll record straight.' And as the album progresses it isn't difficult to spot that there are wider influences than merely the grunge that is immediately apparent. They have had a few releases since their inception and this longevity may also explain the top production and the sharp tightness on the record. And although driven by an understanding of that grunge passion, a classic metal shines through the crisp riffs on tracks such as 'Intermission' and 'Harvest Time', the latter also demonstrating their ability to produce high-class boogie rhythms. One of the highlights of the album has to be 'Judge Me' which manages to force a myriad of riffs and vibes in to one song. This track really does have everything that Electric Earth are about, being delivered with cosmic precision. Following this is an anthem of a hard rock song in 'Need This Time', which is reminiscent of the throttle turning, dust splitting presence of The Cult circa 'Love Removal Machine', with guitar noodling to boot. 'Touching The Void' has many unexpected gems; largely unexpected because the variation within the record is not really fully realised until half way through the album. 'Amplification' is a strong opener, but it does seem that the album waits awhile until it fully picks up. When it does gather pace it offers up something a little different at every turn, whilst still retaining that solid grunge-rock throughout that rumbles underneath, driving the soul of the album forward with strong results. Review from Stark Music (SE) THURSDAY, 7 JULY 2011 ELECTRIC EARTH - Touching The Void (CD digi) Electric Earth have been quiet for a while, but now they are back again. It's been four years since the last release "Vol II - Words Unspoken", which was a pretty good release. When listening to "Touching The Void" I do hear some development in the style. It's a bit less post-grungy and a bit more seventies, but also a bit darker and heavier. Tracks like "Collision With A Sun" and "Touching The Void" offer some cool retro-vibes, at times with a stonery touch. They do however offer some great melodies among the heavy riffing, like the chorus of 'Free Fall" and the slightly poppy "Need This Time". One track that really sticks out is the almost punky, "Black Butterfly". The stonerish overtones shine through in songs like "Sugartooth". I also hear some touches of Black Label Society in songs like "Harvest Time", "Bird Of Phoenix" and "Skinstretched", where the chorus however goes in a totally unexpected, very melodic direction. An album well worth waiting for and checking out! Janne Stark.

1.1 Amplification
1.2 Black Butterfly
1.3 Collision with a Sun
1.4 [Intermission]
1.5 Free Fall
1.6 Sugartooth
1.7 Harvest Time
1.8 Judge Me
1.9 No Sleep
1.10 Need This Time
1.11 Bird of Phoenix
1.12 Skinstretch
1.13 Touching the Void
1.14 Worries

Electric Earth: Touching the Void

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