Electric Flag

Electric Flag: An American Music Band

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Artist: Electric Flag

Artist: Electric Flag
Title: An American Music Band

Formed by guitarist Mike Bloomfield after quitting the Butterfield Bluesband, the Electric Flag was Bloomfield's idea of a band that would utilise all elements of American music. He enlisted colleagues from other strands of the Chicago music scene, notably Barry Goldberg and Nick Gravenites and a rhythm section consisting of Harvey Brooks and drummer Buddy Miles. But it was the fat horn section that set the band apart presaging as it did both Chicago and Blood Sweat And Tears. These archive live performances include all the original members at the peak of their powers.

1.1 It's Not the Spotlight
1.2 I Was Robbed Last Night
1.3 I Found Out
1.4 Never Be Lonely Again
1.5 Losing Game
1.6 My Baby Wants to Test Me
1.7 I Should Have Left Her
1.8 You Don't Realise
1.9 Groovin' Is Easy

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