Electric Six

Electric Six: Absolute Pleasure

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Electric Six

Title: Absolute Pleasure
Label: Metropolis Records

Recorded on two nights at First Avenue in Minneapolis and the Double Door in Chicago, this is the quintessential Electric Six live set, featuring selections from each of their eight studio albums. This release is a painstakingly accurate representation of an E6 show, packaged, duplicated, and mass-produced for the first time. It is the band's first and only live record, available this October only on Metropolis Records.

1.1 It S Showtime!
1.2 Down at McDonnelzzz
1.3 Danger! High Voltage!
1.4 Future Is in the Future
1.5 Dirty Ball
1.6 When I Get to the Green Building
1.7 Gay Bar
1.8 Infected Girls
1.9 Jam It in the Hole
1.10 She S White
1.11 Body Shot
1.12 Dance Epidemic
1.13 I Buy the Drugs
1.14 Hello! I See You
1.15 Crazy Horses
1.16 Dance Commander
1.17 Synthesizer

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