Electric Wire Hustle

Electric Wire Hustle: Love Can Prevail

$17.20 $20.98

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle
Title: Love Can Prevail
Product Type: VINYL LP

New Zealand based group, Electric Wire Hustle, are set to release their sophomore release Love Can Prevail; partnering up with Okayplayer with this venture. A slight venture from their sample-driven debut album, the group venture more into the electronic and psychedelic sides of things with this offering.

1.1 If These Are the Last Days
1.2 Loveless
1.3 By ; Bye
1.4 Bottom Line
1.5 Spirit
1.6 Look in the Sky
1.7 Light Goes a Long Way
1.8 To See You Again
1.9 Blackwater
1.10 Numbers and Steel

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