Electrolic: Live on Land

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Artist: Electrolic

Artist: Electrolic
Title: Live on Land

It's 5:37 AM in a tiny 10' x 12' room nestled among the redwoods near Big Sur, California. The floor is covered with black microphone cables, glowing stomp boxes, buzzing amplifiers, broken drum sticks, empty Corona bottles, coffee mugs, lyric sheets, and guitar picks. There is a green cushion that's been stuffed into the only available window in order to keep the dawn out and the noise in. Across the room we watch two tall, indistinguishable, bespectacled men drive each other ever-closer to madness in front of a small mixing board. Welcome to the world of Electrolic, Scott Gagner and Steve Enstad's psych-synth-power-pop home recording project. Fortunately, the pair have emerged, blinking and scratching, to proudly present their debut LP, Live on Land. "Usually, when I master, I'll do a song and go on to the next one. In this case I sat and listened to each track several times just for my own enjoyment." ~Steve Turnidge.

1.1 Hello, Hello
1.2 Benefit of the Doubt
1.3 Refreshing
1.4 Holy
1.5 Live on Land
1.6 Drive
1.7 After the Fall
1.8 Belmont Pedigree
1.9 Medicine
1.10 Here It Comes
1.11 Flash
1.12 Close My Eyes

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