Elektra Women's Choir

Elektra Women's Choir: All My Heart Is Listening

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Artist: Elektra Women's Choir
Title: All My Heart Is Listening

1.1 Stars
1.2 The Dawn Is Not Distant
1.3 Consider the Lilies
1.4 The Peace of Wild Things
1.5 Aria from Orchestral Suite No.3 in D Major
1.6 How the Blossoms Are Falling
1.7 Noche de Lluvia (Rainy Night)
1.8 The Circle Game
1.9 My Funny Valentine
1.10 It Was a Lover and His Lass
1.11 Yellow Twig of Willow
1.12 If My Love Leaves Me
1.13 Crònan
1.14 E Mo Leannan

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