Elena Casanova: Fuente Sin Igual

Elena Casanova: Fuente Sin Igual
Title: Fuente Sin Igual
Label: CD Baby

'The following selection of hymns is dedicated to my father as a birthday gift. When I was a young girl, as a Sabbath pastime, I would play the piano while my father sang. Throughout the years, this pastime fostered exquisite preludes and special melodies. This recording was an unforgettable spiritual experience. As I thumbed through the pages of my old hymnbook, beautiful memories flowed and converted into the improvisations on this recording. While playing, I felt submerged in the language of the hymns, wrapped in a divine hug. This gift for my Dad turned into the acceptance of the gift from my celestial Father. I want to thank God for giving my father 68 years of life to celebrate, a life that he has faced with strength kindness and faith.'

1.1 Cerca, M S Cerca
1.2 Meditar en Jes S
1.3 Hay Una Fuente Sin Igual
1.4 Corazones Siempre Alegres
1.5 Los Que Aman Al Se or
1.6 La Senda Ancha Dejar
1.7 M S de Jes S
1.8 Conf O en Jesucristo
1.9 Um Hombre Llegose de Noche a Jes S
1.10 Lleg Jes S
1.11 Vamos Pronto a Nuestro Eterno Hogar
1.12 El Rostro de Mi Jes S

Elena Casanova: Fuente Sin Igual

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