Elephant: Big Rock Stampede

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Artist: Elephant

Artist: Elephant
Title: Big Rock Stampede

Elephant is the product of several former bandmates being dismayed at the lack of quality rock in the 50th State and starting a band to correct this. The Big Rock Stampede has 2 Na Hoku award winners (the Hawaiian version of a Grammy), 1 newly minted and 1 soon-to-be lawyer, a guy signed and dropped by MCA, a guitarist who's engineered multi-platinum CDs and this is what they'd all rather be doing--the mission statement 'Like EVERY night is Saturday night' and like every gig'll be their last...

1.1 Driver
1.2 Bad Suit
1.3 Katie
1.4 Boogie
1.5 Pull the Pin Pt. 1
1.6 Conquistidor
1.7 Pretty Little Thing
1.8 Pull the Pin PTS. 2 ; 3/Untitled

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