Elevaters: Come Alive

Elevaters: Come Alive
Title: Come Alive
Label: CD Baby

The Elevaters are a Los Angeles-based independent hip-hop, dance, and soul band comprised of songwriters Sam Golzari and Benjamin Hall, producer/multi-instrumentalist David Noily, and emcee Miles Gregley. 'Come Alive,' their sophomore full-length record, showcases the group's evolution from traditionally rock arrangement/instrumentation into an exciting new fusion of analog and digital soundscapes. True to the original energy of their live show, 'Come Alive' is a dance heavy mix of new disco, hip-hop, rock and soul making for a sound with mass appeal and bold artistic vision. 'Come Alive' was produced and engineered by David Noily at Sam Golzari's Think Nothing Studio in Los Angeles, California. All songs were written and arranged by the Elevaters and performed by David Noily (guitar, bass, keys, vocals), Sam Golzari (keys, vocals), Benjamin Hall (percussion, vocals), Miles Gregley (vocals), Andre Morton (drums), and Itai Shapira (bass). The song 'Tonight' features Quetzal Guerrero on violin, 'Work to Do' and 'Vamonos' feature the vocal group Arora, and the title track 'Come Alive' was co-written by singer-songwriter Adam Stern. The album was mastered by Itai Shapira and Adam Berg at Manifest Music Productions in Santa Monica, California.

1.1 Time
1.2 Come Alive
1.3 M.S.G
1.4 Tonight
1.5 Want You to Want Me
1.6 Do It for Love
1.7 Calling You
1.8 Marathon Man
1.9 Come Home
1.10 Take a Leap
1.11 Work to Do
1.12 Vamonos (Coda)
1.13 Take Me Out (Bonus Track)

Elevaters: Come Alive

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