Eli Soul

Eli Soul: Kingdom Commercials

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Eli Soul

Title: Kingdom Commercials
Label: CD Baby

Eli Soul, born Billy Elijah Chandler, was birthed at Kingstree Medical Hospital in Kingstree, SC. The eldest of 5 children from parents Billy and Gloria Chandler, he and his family grew up moderately poor, but happy and close knit. He developed a love for writing and music by the age of 9; with the influence of peers and popular music, of the 90's, he began his gift of rap with secular lyrics. By the age of 12, Eli Soul gave his life to Christ and was called to write for the glory of God. Pushing past many obstacles and road blocks, the path to ministry through music was not always easy as he endured discouragement from family and friends, financial hardships, and even struggles with faith. Through it all, Eli Soul never quit moving forward. He allowed God to lead him to accomplish performances locally and out of state. He even published a book containing poetry and a few rap songs he created at the time, 'Mental Fragrances.' With his latest project entitled, 'Kingdom Commercials,' Eli Soul reclaims the mic to fearlessly proclaim his heart's message of being Kingdom minded: highlighting the biblical teachings of Jesus given to believers to 'Seek first the Kingdom of God...(Matt 6:33). With the support of his wife of 5 yrs and small family, this lyrical messenger is pre-destined to inspire believers and unbelievers through the God-given music. Don't change that channel! Stay tuned for the royal sounds of Eli Soul and 'Kingdom Commercials.'

1.1 Kingdom Commercials Intro
1.2 Kingdom Commercials
1.3 Stand Hard (Original)
1.4 Kingdom Break (Poem)
1.5 A Poor Man's Dream
1.6 You're Worth It
1.7 Let's Toast
1.8 Kingdom Commercials Outr
1.9 Stand Hard (Soul Mix)

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