Elias Meister

Elias Meister: Elias Meisters Miracle Box

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Elias Meister

Title: Elias Meisters Miracle Box
Label: CD Baby

Elias Meister (guitar, composition) - Gordon Au (trumpet) - Craig Akin (bass) - Joe Hertenstein (dr) Elias Meister's 3rd jazz release is a rock-infused instrumental album. Recorded without headphones by multi Grammy awarded engineer Jeremy Loucas, it conveys the intimacy and energy of small club gig. The musicians powerfully interpret Mr. Meister's very catchy and emotional songs. Some tunes are very energetic, some soothing and melancholic. 'I was consciously trying to compose simple and accesible songs that will also appeal to a 'non jazz listener'. That's what I am interested in right now. To emotionally reach and communicate with the audience as much as I can and to take some of the rock energy into the jazz realm. For me to record in a fairly small room without headphones was also a very important part of this album. The energy that develops between the muscian is more pure and immidiate compared to having the cable and headphones and the headphone mix in between.'

1.1 Mind Folk (Prelude)
1.2 Mind Folk
1.3 I Can't Explain
1.4 Interlude
1.5 Where Do They Come from
1.6 Lullaby to My Past
1.7 The Cave Dweller
1.8 From Your Home
1.9 Chidambaram
1.10 I Can't Explain (Reprise)

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