Elisabeth Ahlander: Om Vi Ska Borja Om

Elisabeth Ahlander: Om Vi Ska Borja Om
Title: Om Vi Ska Borja Om
Label: Dikotomi Produktion

Elisabeth Ahlander was one of the founding members of New Quidesty Blaise (later NQB) in 1968 and she kept the band touring until 1978. She kept her guitars but didn't do much in public during the years. In 2012 she suddenly was contacted by Dikotomi Produktions Dick Lundberg who heard a demo recording from some years earlier and he suggested that a solo album should be recorded. Elisabeth was now writing new songs and Birgitta Pincott (Nursery Rhymes) who toured with NQB 1976-1977 came along and joined the project. Last, but not least Py Backman recorded backing vocals for the album and their collaboration that had been resting for 35-40 years was active again. For the first time Elisabeth is writing all of the songs, performs all the lead vocals and is also producing the album. It's all about making it simple and let the melodies rule.

1.1 Om VI Ska Börja Om
1.2 Iskall Måne
1.3 Vad Finns Kvar
1.4 SÅ Perkeft
1.5 Jag Tror Dig
1.6 Lika Barn
1.7 Ett Hjärta Till Salu
1.8 Du ÄR Förlorad
1.9 NÄR Natten Kommer
1.10 Början Till Slutet
1.11 Jag Vill Inte Ha Dig
1.12 DÅ GÅR Jag Ner Till Stranden

Elisabeth Ahlander: Om Vi Ska Borja Om

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