Elizabeth Cameron

Elizabeth Cameron: Asylum

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Title: Asylum
Label: CD Baby

Five weeks before Mia Daniels agrees to complete a patient study for her close friend who is away on her honeymoon, a baby is born to a young woman who has been a long term drug addict. The baby is hideously malformed and mentally compromised. At best it has days to live. The decision by medical staff is to have it transferred to Island View Hospital, the only remaining hospital operated by the Provincial Government - the medieval looking and almost forgotten institution for the chronic and criminally insane and the only institution with the staff equipped to handle and care for a such a severely damaged infant. It is also the one remaining institution where Mia has to complete her study. As Mia is exposed to Jennifer, a young patient who begs for her help, she is drawn deep into a world of psychological horror and her own impending peril. About the Author Elizabeth wrote and syndicated a newspaper column Super Simple Decorating which was featured in over 20 major newspapers across Canada for several years. LADYCOM, OFFICE WORLD & CANADIAN LIVING are among many business and consumer magazines that have featured her articles. She taught at the University of British Columbia in the Continuing Studies program for nine years and college for fourteen years. She was an English tutor for five years before relocating with her husband to California in 2002. She is the author of Curse of Gold a non-fiction book based on a mysterious lost gold mine in the Interior of British Columbia. She has also written a how-to book called Raising your Wardrobe, a guide to raising and producing natural fibers for woven, knitted or crocheted garments. Asylum is her first completed novel.

1.1 Prologue
1.2 Thu Oct 26
1.3 Fri Oct 27
1.4 Sun Nov 19
1.5 Mon Nov 20
1.6 Disc One Exit
2.1 Disc Two Beginning
2.2 Tue Nov 21
2.3 Fri Nov 24
2.4 Mon Nov 27
2.5 Disc Two Finish
3.1 Disc Three Start
3.2 Wed Nov 29
3.3 Fri Dec 11
3.4 Sat Dec 21
3.5 Disc Three End
4.1 Disc Four Start
4.2 Fri Dec 8
4.3 Mon Dec 11
4.4 Mon Dec 11 PM
4.5 Thu Dec 14
4.6 Disc Four Finish
5.1 Disc Five Start
5.2 Tue Dec 19
5.3 Thu Dec 21
5.4 Fri Dec 22
5.5 Fri Dec 22 PM
5.6 Disc Five Finish
6.1 Disc Six Start
6.2 Sat Dec 23
6.3 Sat Dec 23 PM
6.4 Sun Dec 24
6.5 Disc Six Finish
7.1 Disc Seven Start
7.2 Sun Dec 24 Later
7.3 Sun Dec 24 Night
7.4 Mon Dec 25
7.5 Christmas Day

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