Elizabeth Garlan

Elizabeth Garlan: Moon Caress

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Title: Moon Caress
Label: CD Baby

At the age of 8 she learned to play guitar with friends by starting with just one song. Then improved by practicing songs of the Beatles, John Denver and other folk singers like Joan Baez. Etc. Having no actual lessons in music, reading guitar chords in song books was all she knew. Challenged to find herself through adulthood and in her search, listening hints from people she met helped in her decisions to try and see how far she can go with music. Before embarking on this journey she asked for guidance from above and that same day wrote her very first song having never written a song in her life. Along came poetry which amazed her and was inspired to write poetry after going to an invitation of all poets. Brought up expected to perform for family, church and other functions she decided to search for what she wanted to do. With music. Through hardwork and the help of families and friends she began recording her own songs. From childhood to adulthood she's embraced that everyone has a God given talent but didn't know how to pursue it at an earlier time. Additionally, looking at her family tree, the Kalinga culture, a tribe of Northern Philippines filled with poetry, chanting music and dance certainly contributes to her desire to reach out and express what is held within. Currently her songs are in the modern/western world style and she intends to combined more of the tribal influence in her future recordings.

1.1 Just a Fantasy
1.2 Moon Caress
1.3 Hypnotic Clouds
1.4 The Enigma Song
1.5 Process of Life
1.6 Magic Called Romance
1.7 Enjoyed It Secretly
1.8 I Think of You
1.9 Craving for You
1.10 Tribal Dance

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