Elizabeth Mitchell: Sunny Day

Elizabeth Mitchell: Sunny Day
Title: Sunny Day
Label: Smithsonian Folkways

Sunny Day brings US 'handmade' music of the finest kind, for folks of all ages. Elizabeth Mitchell, joined by her husband Daniel Littleton, daughter Storey & lots of musical friends including Levon Helm, Dan Zanes & Jon Langford, weaves a tapestry of loving and spirited songs. Like her previous album You Are My Little Bird, Sunny Day reminds US of the beauty of the natural world & the magic found in the simplest moments of everyday life. 19 tracks, 43 minutes, 28pg bklt.

1.1 Sunny Day
1.2 Shoo Lie Loo
1.3 Mr. Rabbit
1.4 Ooki Na Kuri No Ki No Shita de [Under the Big Chestnut Tree]
1.5 Keep on the Sunny Side
1.6 Lovely Day
1.7 Reggae in the Fields
1.8 Ong Tal Sam [Little Spring]
1.9 Tell It Again
1.10 Green, Green Rocky Road
1.11 School Days
1.12 Mystery Train
1.13 Oh, John the Rabbit
1.14 David's Mandolin
1.15 This Little Light of Mine
1.16 Fairy Tale Lullaby
1.17 Elephants All Over the World
1.18 Little Buckaroo
1.19 Tsuki [Moon]

Elizabeth Mitchell: Sunny Day

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