Ellery Klein: Ceili to the Beat

Ellery Klein: Ceili to the Beat
Title: Ceili to the Beat
Label: CD Baby

Music for the Irish dancer with an exciting, contemporary sound! With undeniable beats and sweet Irish melodies, this CD will make everyone want to dance. Drawing on a myriad of influences, fiddler Ellery Klein and drummer Ryan Lacey have recorded 3 albums for dancers of all levels. This is music for practice and performance, from beginner jigs and traditional set dances to advanced reels, hornpipes, slip jigs and treble jigs. Now on their 3rd record 'Ceili to the Beat', due to high demand the duo have created arrangements of the most popular Ceili dances for practice and performance.

1.1 Music in the Glen Reels 113
1.2 Revenge O' the Snakes (For St. Patrick's Day Ceili) 118
1.3 The Sweets of May Ceili 120
1.4 The Three Tunes Ceili 120
1.5 Trip to the Cottage Ceili 113
1.6 Eight Hand Jig Ceili 115
1.7 Three Bean Chili Slip Jigs 113
1.8 Before the Fall Slip Jigs 113
1.9 Emad's Stone House Treble Jigs 73
1.10 Little Grace Treble Jigs 73
1.11 Crusaders Hornpipes 113
1.12 From Chicago to Boston Hornpipes 113
1.13 Downfall of Paris Set Dance 110
1.14 The Sugar Spectacular Performance Medley 118

Ellery Klein: Ceili to the Beat

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