Ellie Osborn

Ellie Osborn: Feel You Better

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Artist: Ellie Osborn

Artist: Ellie Osborn
Title: Feel You Better

What people are saying about Ellie's newest album: 'It's like balm for the soul. She has the voice of an angel and this chanting CD is like soul balm-ba-bomb.' - Masey Kaplan, Founder/Owner c l o's e b u y c a t a l o g . c o m 'Ellie is an amazing musician. The music on this CD is wonderful and soothing.' - Curtis Maurand, Co-Founder The Zero Project 'I don't remember the last time I felt this relaxed.' - Pell Osborn, Founder and Animator, MotionArt, and member Jahti MaMa Chorus 'This work is really beautiful. Ellie's choices of harmonies, her timing, and management of vibration and syllables together are new and very effective. I have never lost myself in the mantra things you are supposed to lose yourself in, before. But I did with this, and it IS healing!!' - Mary Golden, Arts Philanthropy 'I am hoping this will become part of a nutritious breakfast, like taking your vitamins every day. It can provide a real attitude adjustment. I hope it can be as healing and meaningful for you as it was for me in creating it! Not only did my daughter contribute the title using one of my favorite phrases of hers, 'this will feel you better, Mommy', but she also requests it now every night to help her fall asleep.' - Ellie Osborn, Musician/Teacher/Founder, LittleMusicMaker.org.

1.1 Shanti
1.2 Durga
1.3 Namaste
1.4 Shivaya
1.5 Hanuman
1.6 Guru
1.7 Om

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