Elly Kouri

Elly Kouri: I Love You Too Much

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Elly Kouri

Title: I Love You Too Much
Label: CD Baby

'I Love You Too Much' is a tribute to the many aspects of love. The songs describe the initial pining and longing stages of love, the different types of rejection and separation and the final reward. The set, with some humor, weaves in the direction of this reward, love's fulfillment while celebrating individual growth through relationship. 'Can't We Friends,' every lover's nightmare, or 'Weep No More,' a rejected lover's struggle to heal, reveal that finding love has not changed much over the years. The title track, 'I Love You Too Much,' was a particularly appreciated discovery. Recorded by the Andrew Sisters in the 1940's, there is a light yet haunting quality that uncovers a danger in loving '...Too Much.' 'Tomorrow is My Turn' seems a fitting way to balance or heal that obsession and 'If We Never Meet Again,' is a rich and satisfying completion to love that has been lost, but deeply felt.

1.1 Can't We Be Friends
1.2 Billie's Blues
1.3 I Love You Too Much
1.4 Second Time Around
1.5 Do I Move You
1.6 Weep No More
1.7 Tra la la
1.8 Blues Are Brewin'
1.9 Solitude
1.10 Please Send Me Someone to Love
1.11 Softly
1.12 Tomorrow Is My Turn
1.13 If We Never Meet Again

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