Eloah: Art of Loving

Eloah: Art of Loving
Title: Art of Loving
Label: CD Baby

Musically speaking, this is a typical Eloah album - singer/songwriter based song structures with new age, rock and a few jazz elements, and nevertheless it widens the boundaries of Eloah music: Instrumentation and arrangements are more broadly applied while at the same time the songs are shorter and more compact. Whereas it is not a concept album, the topics are somewhat interrelated by a single subject: Redemption. This seems to be the red line through this conglomerate of styles and stories, which, however, nicely fit together on a deeper, less obvious level: There is a cry for redemption of all humankind (last day of earth, Armageddon) which naturally comprises redemption of the single person, both in a very serious way (too close, one last time) or seemingly funny and superficial (the fly, chocolate covered bear). We hear that most of us are spiritually still asleep (human kind blues), but are slowly waking up (awakening). Finally we learn that prayer and forgiveness (pray to them) will eventually lead to redemption through love - as we love our planet (Pacha Mama) and as she loves us (apostles, traitors and messiahs). And within this universal love (a holy yes, light) the personal love (my home, the art of loving) is dwelling, a fountain of infinite possibilities which can all become real (???? ?????) once we have (and are) forgiven and have thus embraced redemption.

1.1 [Untitled]
1.2 Awakening (A Gunslinger's Lullaby)
1.3 Apostles, Traitors and Messiahs
1.4 Armageddon
1.5 Human Kind Blues
1.6 The Last Day of Earth
1.7 The Art of Loving
1.8 The Fly
1.9 Chocolate Covered Bear
1.10 My Home
1.11 A Holy Yes
1.12 Pray to Them
1.13 One Last Time
1.14 Too Close
1.15 Pacha Mama
1.16 Light

Eloah: Art of Loving

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