Elsa Lanchester

Elsa Lanchester: Songs for a Shuttered Parlor

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Artist: Elsa Lanchester

Artist: Elsa Lanchester
Title: Songs for a Shuttered Parlor

Elsa Lanchester was a famous English character actress with a long career in theater, movies and television. In the late 1950's she recorded a string of English folk albums that became highly popular. Songs for a Shuttered Parlor is a mixture of English folk and cabaret music. Classic 1958 album, digitally remastered.

1.1 I Didn't Know Where to Look
1.2 The Yashmak Song
1.3 It May Be Life
1.4 Faith, Hope and Charity
1.5 Little Fred
1.6 I'm Glad to See Your Back
1.7 My New York Slip
1.8 The Janitor's Boy
1.9 The Ruined Maid
1.10 Mrs. Badger-Butts
1.11 Melinda Maime
1.12 She Was Poor, But She Was Honest

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