Elton Britt

Elton Britt: Country Music's Yodelling Cowboy Crooner, Vol. 2

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Artist: Elton Britt

Artist: Elton Britt
Title: Country Music's Yodelling Cowboy Crooner, Vol. 2

With one of the finest and most powerful vocal ranges in country music and following on from the very successful "Elton Britt - Country Music¡¦s Yodelling Cowboy Volume 1" comes this superlative collection of material making a worthy addition to our country series. Hear his amazing voice on the Hawaiian classic "Sweet Leilani", also included are the classic titles: "Almost Lost My Mind", "The Singing Hills", "Rainbow in My Heart", "Blue Guitar" and "Swiss Yodel", plus some outstanding yodelling.

1.1 I Almost Lost My Mind
1.2 I Never Knew What It Meant to Be Lonesome
1.3 One Way Ticket
1.4 Driftwood on the River - Elton Britt
1.5 Alpine Milkman Yodel - Vernon Baker, Britt Bros
1.6 One Drink Makes Me Happy
1.7 Someday You'll Want Me to Want You
1.8 Sweet Leilani
1.9 When the Roses Bloom Again
1.10 Five Glasses on a Texas Bar
1.11 Lorelei
1.12 Absent Minded Heart
1.13 Blacksmith Blues
1.14 Swiss Yodel - Britt Bros
1.15 Red Red Rose
1.16 Nuevo Laredo
1.17 I Feel the Blues Coming on
1.18 Rainbow in My Heart
1.19 Trailing Arbutus
1.20 Precious Jewel
1.21 Born to Lose
1.22 To You Sweetheart Aloha
1.23 New Worried Mind
1.24 Will the Angels Let Me Play?
1.25 Blue Guitar
1.26 Don't Weep, Don't Mourn, Don't Worry
1.27 Singing Hills
1.28 Maybe I Was Wrong

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