Eluv: New Beginnings

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Artist: Eluv

Artist: Eluv
Title: New Beginnings

DESCRIPTION NEW Beginning's by Eluv (A Crystal Singing Bowl Journey ) Every second, every minute, every hour of every day is an opportunity to embrace a new beginning and a new healing of some kind. In Chinese 5 element theory, new beginnings correlates with spring and the upward growth of tree or "wood" energy. "New beginnings" thrive on love, nurturing and joy. To embark upon a new beginning is a birthing process. Something starting from a seed and growing into whatever our imagination creates. We can create whatever we want at any given moment in time, as every single moment of our life is an opportunity to choose a new beginning. A "new beginning" has the unique power to inspire and move us beyond our comfort zone into trust, faith and pure manifestation. This CD is intended to provide support on the journey of new beginnings and other joys. Ideal listening during Relaxation, Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong,Tai Chi, and other modalities where high quality music provides support, nurturing and healing. Eluv explores the depths of "new beginnings" and healing with the Crystal Singing Bowls. This inspiring ambient journey of healing sounds soars beyond the ocean to the place where angels dwell as Eluv skillfully weaves a pathway from the natural world into the sacred place where manifestation and healing live. Entering the sonic tapestry of this music brings an energetic realignment and sustenance supportive to a new way of being, renewal and transformation. The Sounds of the Crystal Singing bowls refresh and cleanse, while the vocals soothe and the ocean nurtures. New beginnings invokes a dreamy drift into the pure tones of the healing crystal singing bowls and mother natures soundscapes expressed into a tapestry of bowls, lush strings and angelic vocals. The ideal way to listen to this CD is by playing all 3 tracks in a row. The CD is specially formatted, seamlessly moving through each theme of music on each track to create one unified and continuous listening experience. This soundtrack features the sublime healing sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls, Eluv's soothing vocals, lush string movements, along with the natural soundscape of gentle ocean waves filled with Dolphin energy recorded on Honeymoon Island (Florida Gulf Coast) while a pod of Dolphins played joyfully in the water. Track 1) Journey of Light Track 2) New Beginnings Track 3) Suki's Lullaby May you be renewed with love, harmony, vitality, abundance, a peaceful heart, joy and many blessings. Peace and Love, Eluv.

1.1 Journey of Light - Eluv
1.2 New Beginnings - Eluv
1.3 Suki's Lullaby - Eluv

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