Elvira Madigan

Elvira Madigan: Regent Sie

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Elvira Madigan

Title: Regent Sie
Label: Black Lodge Records

It took half a decade to make this album and it was well worth the wait! Metal without boundaries and a true concept album the way concept albums should really be like. For fans of Cradle of Filth, Sabbat and Bathory. An album like no other, with blistering intensity, superior musicality and a storyline like that of a book.. With twists and angles that'll keep anyone spellbound for well over an hour. Elvira Madigan returns with probably the most interesting album in years!

1.1 Mortal Man ; the King
1.2 Silfvertounged
1.3 Solstice ; Sleepwalking
1.4 Demonaria I-Heart of the Devils Ke My Bloo
1.5 Demonaria I-Heart of the Devils Ke Wit
1.6 Demonaria I-Heart of the Devils Ke Simeons Monologue
1.7 Lambmendtation
1.8 Sister Fairytale
1.9 Demonaria Ii-Luminouses Gift Spells of Six and Tears of Three
1.10 Demonaria Ii-Luminouses Gift Missfortune
1.11 Demonaria Ii-Luminouses Gift Ribbons
1.12 The Harkencraft ; the Witch of Mar
1.13 Demonaria Iii-Grin - Murder of Kro
1.14 Demonaria Iii-Grin - Severed
1.15 Demonaria Iii-Grin - Vow of Feeble
1.16 Soulsearchking
1.17 Rekindleself
1.18 Liars in Wait
1.19 Demonaria Iv-Warring Crosses ; Biblewars
1.20 Demonaria Iv-Warring Battlelost
1.21 Demonaria Iv-Warring Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woodwoman
1.22 The True Worth of the Lie
1.23 Regency

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