Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello: Get Happy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Elvis Costello

Title: Get Happy
Label: Hip-O Records

At 20 tracks long, this 1980 soul-influenced LP shows how prolific and brilliant Costello was at his peak. High Fidelity, King Horse, Clowntime is Over, and Motel Matches are only some of the classics contained here.

1.1 Love for Tender
1.2 Opportunity
1.3 The Imposter
1.4 Secondary Modern
1.5 King Horse
1.6 Possession
1.7 Men Called Uncle
1.8 Clowntime Is Over
1.9 New Amsterdam
1.10 High Fidelity
1.11 I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down
1.12 Black and White World
1.13 Five Gears in Reverse
1.14 B-Movie
1.15 Motel Matches
1.16 Human Touch
1.17 Beaten to the Punch
1.18 Temptation
1.19 I Stand Accused
1.20 Riot Act

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