Elyse Weinberg

Elyse Weinberg: In My Own Sweet Time

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Artist: Elyse Weinberg

Artist: Elyse Weinberg
Title: In My Own Sweet Time

Elyse is something you have to hear to believe-it jumps right off the speaker and climbs through your earholes,burrowing straight for your heart and gut-I've had the opportunity to listen to the new record and it knocked me completely on my ass. MusicZeitgeist.com.

1.1 Anybody Out There?
1.2 Break It Wide Open
1.3 Hey My Baby
1.4 Remind Me
1.5 Operator
1.6 Darlin'
1.7 The Shining One
1.8 Sleepwalker
1.9 Nothins' Gonna Change
1.10 All Is Well

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