Ember Swift: Lentic

Ember Swift: Lentic
Title: Lentic
Label: CD Baby

Two worlds, one artist To say Ember Swift's new project entitled "Lentic" is a case where East meets West may be a cliché, but there is nothing stale about this bold and beautiful CD. In fact. Lentic is a refreshing step in a new direction - electronic music meets folk - and is truly a sonic representation of two countries: China and Canada. This "folktronica" project is both organic (acoustic and traditional) and electronic (beats and grooves). Lentic features Chinese instrumentation (specifically the guzheng), lyrics in both Mandarin and English, and, consistent with Ember Swift's musical outpourings, several tips of the hat to diverse styles and musical eras within the arrangements. Lentic truly reflects a new global reality of cultural exchange, and particularly China, a country that embodies the collision between East and West, ancient and modern. Working with producer Tim Rideout of FibiiSonic Studio in Montreal while she was living in Beijing, Ember's exploration of her newly adopted country is reflected in her investigation of genuinely new musical forms. The result is a highly original blend that contains elements that will be familiar and eye-opening to both Eastern and Western listeners. Ember's luminous voice singing in English and Mandarin provides the link that ties and unifies the songs together, as well as providing sheer pleasure to any music fan. Well known as an articulate and frequently topical songwriter, Ember let's Lentic's music do the talking more than on any of her other nine recordings. That's not to say the lyrics here are devoid of substance. Quite the contrary. The songs cover territory as vast at the two countries she calls home, from the suicide of a good friend (What Were You Thinking?) to a love song to China (So Nice) to the prospect of human extinction as part of the evolution of the planet (Hollowed Bones). However, in a song such as That's Right/Jiu Shi, the trippy music starts off as contemporarily as Twitter before the entrance of the traditional guzheng, crunchy rock guitar and Ember's gorgeous jazzy vocals delight the listener to a Zen expression of minimalist lyrics: "This is exactly the kind of music.....this is exactly who I am." The effect contextualizes Ember's voice (and lyrics) as an instrument that is but one part (albeit a key part) of the aural portrait Lentic paints. In a world of musical clichés, Lentic is exactly the kind of music that rewards discerning fans, and Ember Swift remains exactly who she is: an extraordinary artist producing extraordinary work. *********************** Lentic???? ??,???????? ??????????"Lentic"?????????,????????????,???????????????,????????? ???, Lentic?????????????????????????,?????-??????-???????????? ? ??"????"??????????(???????),??????????(??????)? ?Lentic?????????(?????),?????????????????????,?????????????????? Lentic?????????????????,?????,?????????????????????? ?????????,???????FibiiSonic Studio??????Tim Rideout?????????,??????????,???????????? ???????????????????????,?????????????? ??????????????????????,????????,??????????????? ???????????,??Lentic??????,???????????? ??????????????? ????? ?????????????????????????,?????????(??????)?????????????(????),??????????????,??????????(??)???? ???That's Right(??)????, ?????????Twitter????????,????????,?????????????????????Jazz?????,??????????,??????????: "????????.....????I "????????(????)????,???????????(????????),?????????????? ?????????????, Lentic???????????,?????????: ????????,????????

1.1 Hollowed Bones
1.2 Burn
1.3 Eclipse
1.4 Heartbroken
1.5 So Nice
1.6 That's Right
1.7 What Were You Thinking?
1.8 Float
1.9 Stop

Ember Swift: Lentic

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