Emily Hagihara

Emily Hagihara: Time to Wake

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Emily Hagihara

Title: Time to Wake
Label: CD Baby

Lexington, Kentucky may find Emily Hagihara to be it's freshest and most innovative musical artist to hit the scene in quite some time. With her penchant for textural, ethereal instrumentation and a voice mature beyond her years, Hagihara has caught the eyes and ears of a large following in her native city, but it likely won't stop there. A collaborative effort between Hagihara and drummer Jordan Munson, Time to Wake explores the elusive realm of consciousness between dreams and reality. Nearly 7 months in the making with the help of producer Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Productions, the album incorporates a brass trio, string quintet, electronic samples, and a wide range of experimental percussion especially palpable at the end of the raucous 'When You're Ready.' Listeners will be privy to a wide-range of other sounds and styles that will showcase not only the group's current interests but also the artist's musical background. Born in Lexington, Kentucky, Hagihara studied classical piano and percussion from a young age. At 16 she began playing guitar, leading to an interest in becoming a singer/songwriter. Hagihara booked her first solo shows at age 19 in Lexington venues. Later she was given the opportunity to perform at the Singletary Center for the Arts prior to Ani Difranco's concert in April 2003. She continued to perform by herself until October of 2003, when she first partnered with drummer, Jordan Munson. She later met Sexual Disaster Quartet's bassist Kenny Bernhardt and quickly joined forces. The trio's collaboration led to an evolution in Hagihara's sound, made apparent on Time to Wake.

1.1 Do You
1.2 Nothing Is Enough
1.3 Night Revisited
1.4 Our Reflection
1.5 When You're Ready
1.6 It's in Your Hands
1.7 Come Lie Down
1.8 Winter Chills
1.9 All We've Got
1.10 Head Count
1.11 Glamorama

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