Emily Kaitz: Fayetteville Session

Emily Kaitz: Fayetteville Session
Title: Fayetteville Session
Label: CD Baby

In October of 1999, Emily Kaitz decided to celebrate her 48th birthday by recording a live album at Melody Studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas with her Oklahoma City musician friends Mary Reynolds, Louise Goldberg, Elyse Angelo, and Austin friend Greg Lowry (who coincidentally is originally from Oklahoma City). They all came over and went into the studio for about 6 hours. This CD, 'The Fayetteville Session,' is the result, although it took another year to get it out (mixing, editing, mastering, getting the cover together and all that stuff). But everything was live with no overdubs. At the time, Emily was (and still is) very enamored of Bela Fleck's album 'The Bluegrass Sessions' so she chose to call this album 'The Fayetteville Session' partly in tribute to that album. The cover design is by a wonderful artist named Budhi Kling who lives in Fayetteville. Mary Reynolds and Emily performed together as a duo when they both lived in Austin, TX. in the 1990s. It was through Mary that Emily met Louise and Elyse, who were members of Mary's jazz band Miss Brown To You. Louise (piano) and Elyse (percussion) are also featured on several songs on Emily's album 'Yuppie Scum.'

1.1 Says My Heart
1.2 Baby That Would Sure Go Good
1.3 When I'm with You
1.4 A Love Gone By
1.5 Nightbird
1.6 If It Wasn't for Her
1.7 Good Girl
1.8 The Letter
1.9 The Cynic's Waltz
1.10 Honky Tonk Smile
1.11 Look Out for the Millenium
1.12 You Took Advantage of Me

Emily Kaitz: Fayetteville Session

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