Emily Kaitz

Emily Kaitz: Living the Wrong Way

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Emily Kaitz

Title: Living the Wrong Way
Label: CD Baby

'Living The Wrong Way,' released in 2004, once again features a variety of impressive side musicians, such as the legendary Drifty Texarkana on pedal steel, Oklahoma City piano virtuoso Louise Goldberg, and a cameo appearance by Keith Grimwood & Ezra Idlet (Trout Fishing in America). Despite the great musicianship, the most commonly generated comment by this album has been 'Is that trailer for sale?' The title song, 'Living The Wrong Way,' is not recommended for anyone who takes Feng Shui completely seriously. As usual, no subject is safe from Emily's irreverence, be it pedestrian traffic violation ('Jaywalking'), recommended behavior for sauna attendees ('Don't Gossip in the Sauna')or the pitfalls of home & car ownership (the frightening finale, 'Maintenance Nightmare,' a portion of which was aired on the syndicated NPR show 'Car Talk' on September 13, 2003). Four of the songs were recorded in Hendersonville, TN (outside Nashville) with Fred Bogert, musician/engineer extraordinaire and producer of Grammy-nominated duo 'Trout Fishing in America.' The rest were recorded in 2 different studios in Fayetteville, Arkansas. If you have loved Emily's other albums you won't want to miss this one!

1.1 Living the Wrong Way
1.2 Jaywalking
1.3 Out on the Greens Again
1.4 It's Not Enough to Give Our Love
1.5 Don't Gossip in the Sauna
1.6 Minor Malfunction
1.7 Jolly Louise
1.8 It's All Downhill from Here
1.9 Adverse Possession
1.10 Away from Myself
1.11 Maintenance Nightmare

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