Emily Kaitz

Emily Kaitz: Terminally Trendy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Emily Kaitz

Title: Terminally Trendy
Label: CD Baby

This was Emily's last studio album recorded in Austin, Texas before she moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas where she lives now. The album was recorded at Flashpoint Studio and was one of the most fun albums she ever made because she got to sing a duet with Ray Wylie Hubbard, whom she barely knew at the time (she offered to pay him for the session, but instead he made her restring an autoharp, for some reason), had Jimmy Lafave do a terrible Bob Dylan imitation, got Christine Albert to actually speak French on 'So Long Solange', had a real Klezmer band on 'Susie Rosen's Nose' and had Danny Barnes and Mark Rubin (of 'The Bad Livers') accompany her on the title song, 'Terminally Trendy,' which was written after the fateful night that she had gone out to see the Bad Livers in Austin and noticed that everyone in the audience but her was wearing trendy leather jackets and had tattoos and body piercings (Emily was wearing a nurd-like purple sweatshirt with a hood, which she still has). Even though most of the album is humorous, there are a couple of beautiful romantic songs, most notably 'In Love and Out of This World,' which features Rich Harney, a wonderful jazz pianist, and 'Christmas in California,' with Paul Glasse on mandolin.

1.1 Small Medium at Large
1.2 Terminally Trendy
1.3 I Will Stay with You
1.4 Bob Dylan's 300 Game
1.5 My Heart Hasn't Heard a Thing
1.6 When I'm Dead Dress Me in Drag
1.7 In Love and Out of This World
1.8 The Kerrville Song
1.9 Susie Rosen's Nose
1.10 The Vegas Years
1.11 So Long Solange
1.12 Christmas in California

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