Emma: My Story Gods Glory

Emma: My Story Gods Glory
Title: My Story Gods Glory
Label: CD Baby

Emma Miller was born in New Haven Conn. To Christine and Willie Miller. She is one of ten children who was raised by mom alone. Emma has always been faithful in attending church. God has been so good to me and that's why I give him his do PRAISE. No matter what he has always been a provider for me.Emma experienced a life threatening accident at the age of three. While playing and jumping on the church steps, Emma fell on a piece of glass, cutting the upper left side of her stomach. The cut was just three inches away from puncturing her left lung. The doctors told Emma's mother she could have died from this tragic accident, but God saved her life. Emma was always eager to learn different things and very inquisitive. Because of her talents and God giving gifts, Emma taught herself how to play the drums, keyboard. During her high school years at James HillHouse High in New Haven, Conn., Emma was a member of the drill team,track team, and highsteppers. Emma graduated with honors and was chosen the Best Dancer for her graduating class. Emma is currently a member of T.M.I.(Triumphant Ministries Incorporated) THE PLACE TO BE BLESSED!!!. located in Bridgeport, Conn., where the Senior Leader is none other than the Dynamic!!! Cynthia Gee West. On many occasions Emma has been invited to minister in song at local churches. And because she knows it's NOT ABOUT HER IT'S ALL ABOUT GOD she excepted the invitations. Because of the anointing that God has on her life, Emma writes and arranges the lyrics to all of her songs. A friend of the family, who is also the Godmother of Emma's daughter, took the initiative to sign Emma up to audition for the Gospelfest 2005 Talent Showcase. By audience vote, Emma was chosen the best singer of Gospelfest 2005 Talent Show.

1.1 Lead Me
1.2 Christ Is the Answer
1.3 Turn It Over to Jesus
1.4 My Story God's Glory
1.5 God Can
1.6 God Is Here for You
1.7 Don't Cry
1.8 The Author of Life
1.9 Everything Will Be Alright
1.10 Due Season

Emma: My Story Gods Glory

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