Emo Philips: E=Mo2/Live from the Hasty

Emo Philips: E=Mo2/Live from the Hasty
Title: E=Mo2/Live from the Hasty
Label: Sony/Bmg Int'l

Full title - E=MO2 plus the entire Live at the Hasty Pudding Theatre. It's a rare comedian whose work can stand the test of time, so add to the list of comedy greats - Steve Wright, Steve Martin, Carlin & Pryor, - Emo Philips. His first two albums, 'E=MO2' & 'Live from the Hasty Pudding Theatre', on CD for the time & collected on one disc, over 75 minutes of classic comedy! Sony. 2003.

1.1 A Fine How Do Ya Do
1.2 Why Our Family Is Nice
1.3 My Childhood Yes
1.4 Downtown Downers Grove
1.5 I'm a Great Lover I Bet
1.6 How to Escape Death
1.7 Equustentialisma
1.8 A Dreamy Dilemma
1.9 Finding the Microphone
1.10 Duck Billed Platitudes
1.11 College the Best 6 Weeks of My Life
1.12 Poetry and Scuba Diving
1.13 Why I Am Quite Handy with the Ladies
1.14 The Perils of Inbreeding
1.15 Kafka Doodle Doo
1.16 For a Fist Full of Cole Slaw
1.17 Animal Square Dance
1.18 How Girls Can Score with Me

Emo Philips: E=Mo2/Live from the Hasty

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