End of the World 1969

End of the World 1969: Demo Songs for a Band That Doesn't Exist

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Title: Demo Songs for a Band That Doesn't Exist
Label: CD Baby

End of the World 1969 is the creation of Canadian independent recording artist, Sam Scott. His debut album, Demo Songs for a Band that doesn't Exist, is the product of three years of writing, performing, experimenting, and recording in Toronto, Ontario and Saint Louis, Missouri. The songs range from fast, guitar-driven, indie rock to slow, mournful ballads. Scott\'s lyrics, exploring themes of uncertainty, disappointment, personal loss, and anger at the current state of the world, combine with full arrangements and catchy melodies to create a rich, moving, and highly listenable collection of songs. The album was mastered by Juno award-winning sound engineer Steve Bellamy. * * * Sam Scott has been writing and recording original music for over 20 years. Early recordings, released on cassette in the late 80s, were angry political punk, folk, and prog rock rants. He spent the 90s making instrumental electronic music under various names. Then from 2003 to 2005 he provided guitar, vocals, and blazing kazoo solos for Bejeezus, a roots and old time gospel band in St. Louis, Missouri. As that band was winding down, he began writing and recording tracks for what would eventually become End of the World 1969. He occasionally plays shows, singer-songwriter style, at venues in Toronto. He's still looking for a band. * * * Steve Bellamy is a Toronto-based recording engineer/producer whose recordings have received two Juno Awards, nine Juno nominations, and several Felix and Opus awards. His recordings have been released on labels such as EMI/Virgin, Analekta, Justin Time, Effendi, Naxos, Oxingale, and ATMA. Other artists he has worked with include Kirk MacDonald, Joel Haynes, John Stetch, Rodney Green, Sean Smith, Jeff Ballard, Ben Street, Byproduct, Joel Miller, Karl Jannuska, Matt Haimovitz, DJ Olive, John McLachlan, Isabel Bayrakdarian, Anton Kuerti, James Ehnes, Dave Douglas, Greg Osby, Edgar Meyer, and Sheila Jordan.

1.1 Shadows in the Dirt
1.2 Nobody
1.3 Accidents
1.4 Southampton Dock Revisited
1.5 Radio Caroline
1.6 Motorbike
1.7 Land of Plenty
1.8 Home
1.9 Radio Luxembourg
1.10 Don't Leave
1.11 Happiness

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