Enigma: Posteriori

Enigma: Posteriori
Title: Posteriori
Label: Virgin Int'l
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. A Posteriori is Enigma's sixth album. In December 2006, the album was nominated in the Best New Age Album category in the 2007 Grammy Awards. While the previous album, Voyageur, contained minimal amounts of the project's signature sounds, A posteriori only contains the signature "Enigma horn" (a foghorn) during the opening minute of the album, and even then it is a fleeting glimpse. Coupled with the album's subject matter of the collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, A posteriori is, compared to earlier releases, stark and foreboding.

1.1 Eppur Si Muove
1.2 Feel Me Heaven
1.3 Dreaming of Andromeda
1.4 Dancing with Mephisto
1.5 Northern Lights
1.6 Invisible Love
2.1 Message from Io
2.2 Hello and Welcome
2.3 20.000 Miles Over the Sea
2.4 Sitting on the Moon
2.5 The Alchemist
2.6 Goodbye Milky Way

Enigma: Posteriori

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