Enigma: The Fall Of A Rebel Angel

Enigma: The Fall Of A Rebel Angel
Title: The Fall Of A Rebel Angel
Label: Virgin Int'l
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Fall of a Rebel Angel is the eighth studio album from the German musical project Enigma, released on 11 November 2016 by Republic Records. The first studio album since Seven Lives Many Faces (2008), it is a concept album that tells the story of a protagonist's journey of development and change to find a new, fulfilling life. The album was developed by Enigma's founder, producer, and principal composer, Michael Cretu and German lyricist and librettist Michael Kunze. It's artwork was designed by Wolfgang Beltracchi.

1.1 Circle Eight
1.2 The Omega Point
1.3 Diving
1.4 The Die Is Cast
1.5 Mother
1.6 Agnus Dei
1.7 Sadeness (Part II)
1.8 Lost in Nothingness
1.9 Oxygen Red
1.10 Confession of the Mind
1.11 Absolvo
1.12 Amen

Enigma: The Fall Of A Rebel Angel

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