Ensemble Expos

Ensemble Expos: Chamber Music

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Artist: Ensemble Expos

Artist: Ensemble Expos
Title: Chamber Music

Award winning, highly respected and totaly uncompromising - Brian Ferneyhough is fearless in his quest for new musical structures and boundaries. The works on this CD, all recorded here for the first time, are masterpieces of the modern age. In "Allgebrah", especially, Ferneyhough demonstrates the inspiration he received from the work of troubled genius artist, Adolf Wolfli, one of whose works we have chosen for the cover art (Courtesy of the Arts Museum, Berne.)

1.1 Flurries
1.2 Trittico Per G. S
1.3 Incipits
1.4 Coloratura
1.5 In Nomine a 3
1.6 Allgebrah

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