Enzo Elia

Enzo Elia: Gilli 88

$15.46 $17.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Enzo Elia

Title: Gilli 88
Label: Kompakt Germany
Product Type: VINYL LP

Enzo Elia's Gilli 88 EP is a tribute to the '80s Italian phenomenon, the Paninaro. Enzo found the Paninaro's fashion imagery and luxurious clothing translatable to today's social network dynamics and prime for the retro-futuristic dancefloors of today that are inspired by the golden days of Italo-disco. "Low Red" is an Italo-pop gem conceived with Quique Aldebaran and with Quique on vocals, taking inspiration from Suicide. "Aj Squinza" takes a classic '80s disco approach with sound-scaping synths that endlessly jam. "Volpinata" succumbs to a classic EBM groove that finds it's way out-of-focus due to fat synth melodies that engorge this elevating track.

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