Epica: Design Your Universe

Epica: Design Your Universe
Title: Design Your Universe
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

2009 release, the fourth studio album from the Dutch Symphonic Metal band. The band's previous album, the Divine Conspiracy, was dealing with the idea that God created many religions and that it was to man to understand that they are all the same, and this album will be dealing with the power of thoughts and imaginations.

1.1 Samadhi (Prelude)
1.2 Resign to Surrender: A New Age Dawns, Pt. 4
1.3 Unleashed
1.4 Martyr of the Free Word
1.5 Our Destiny
1.6 Kingdom of Heaven: A New Age Dawns, Pt. V - Hold in Derision/Children
1.7 The Price of Freedom (Interlude)
1.8 Burn to a Cinder
1.9 Tides of Time
1.10 Deconstruct
1.11 Semblance of Liberty
1.12 White Waters
1.13 Design Your Universe: A New Age Dawns, Pt. 6

Epica: Design Your Universe

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