Epoch: Epoch

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Artist: Epoch

Artist: Epoch
Title: Epoch

Epoch's Debut Self Titled album is a hard rock ode to the classic zombie flick 'Night Of The Living Dead'. After years of writing, recording and performing, Epoch has finally released this collection of riff driven and progressive tinged rock gems. Known for their long jam based aural excursions they also love to get down and dirty with the Black Sabbath like songs such as 'Colossus' and 'Borderlands'. Long fans of such classic bands as Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and Rush, epoch has created their own brand of rock aptly named 'Horror-fi'. The songs in this collection cover a large spectrum of soundscapes with big sweeping guitar leads, crunchy rhythms and nightmare inducing lyrics. Get ready for the ride of your life and death!

1.1 Colossus
1.2 Moondog
1.3 Terran Tula
1.4 The Red Dragon Is Under the Queensboro Bridge
1.5 One Nation
1.6 Green Leaf
1.7 Borderlands
1.8 Calling the Spirit
1.9 Zone 4
1.10 Dust of the Bokor
1.11 [Untitled]

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