Erasure: Chorus

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Artist: Erasure

Artist: Erasure
Title: Chorus
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing of this 1991 album from the synthpop duo. Chorus was a transitional album, as Erasure built on the musical and lyrical advances of 1989's Wild! And reached towards the more melancholy, mature work of 1994's I Say I Say I Say. Andy Bell exploits his remarkable vocal range throughout, moving effortlessly from a lower-register growl to falsetto wails. Similarly, Vince Clarke's melodies and arrangements integrate the Hi-Nrg electronic beats and synthesizers of the band's earliest work with the more reflective, organic sound of their later releases. The title track, a danceclub hit in both England and the United States, is a delight, but the more ruminative 'Am I Right?' and 'Breath Of Life' are sturdier songs. Aside from the delightful tribute EP Abba-Esque and the singles collection Pop!, this was Erasure's last release for over three years. Mute.

1.1 Chorus
1.2 Waiting for the Day
1.3 Joan
1.4 Breath of Life
1.5 Am I Right?
1.6 Love to Hate You
1.7 Turns the Love to Anger
1.8 Siren Song
1.9 Perfect Stranger
1.10 Home

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