Eric Banks

Eric Banks: Antiphonia

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Artist: Eric Banks

Artist: Eric Banks
Title: Antiphonia

ANTIPHONIA captures the acclaimed program that The Esoterics reprised in Seattle, Portland, Tacoma and Everett in November 1999. ANTIPHONIA consists of six choral masterpieces, each from a different nationality - Swedish and Swiss, Finnish, and French, British and American - and each with a unique rendition of antiphony (from the Greek antiphon, "singing across"). The Seattle Post-Intelligencer deemed The Esoterics' performance of ANTIPHONIA a "triumph" and a program "as difficult as any ... [The Esoterics] ... have undertaken." The journal 21st Century Music praised the sound of the group as "sublime, pure, luxuriant, velvety ... The initial phrases gave me chills; it was as if angels were singing."

1.1 Messe Pour Double Choeur - I. Kyrie
1.2 Messe Pour Double Choeur - II. Gloria
1.3 Messe Pour Double Choeur - III. Credo
1.4 Messe Pour Double Choeur - IV. Sanctus
1.5 Messe Pour Double Choeur - V. Agnus Dei
1.6 Echoes from the Heart - I. Ancient Roses
1.7 Echoes from the Heart - II. Longing, Dreaming
1.8 Echoes from the Heart - III. I Remember
1.9 Cantico Del Sole
1.10 ... a Riveder Le Stelle
1.11 Figure Humaine - I. Bientôt
1.12 Figure Humaine - II. Le Rôle de Femmes
1.13 Figure Humaine - III. Aussi Bas Que Le Silence
1.14 Figure Humaine - IV. Patience
1.15 Figure Humaine - V. Première Marche la Voix D'un Autre
1.16 Figure Humaine - VI. Un Loup
1.17 Figure Humaine - VII. Un Feu Sans Tache
1.18 Figure Humaine - VIII. Liberté
1.19 Pseudo-Yoik
1.20 Antics

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