Eric Hunter

Eric Hunter: One Step

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Artist: Eric Hunter

Artist: Eric Hunter
Title: One Step

Eric Hunter, an emerging singer, songwriter and musician, has released his debut album, 'One Step.' The album features a blend of melodic and introspective rock music, ranging from the soulful ballads, 'Lullaby' and 'Shipwrecked,' to the upbeat 'Walking Man.' The 'One Step' album endeavors to explore the frailties of the human soul and empathize with the broken-hearted. Although threads of spiritual influence weave their way through the album, 'One Step' does not attempt to be a religious album per se, so much as a rock album in a more universal sense, that also happens to explore our capacity to emerge from disappointment and tap into our infinite potential.

1.1 Any Day Now
1.2 Shipwrecked
1.3 The Walking Man
1.4 Lullaby
1.5 It's Alright
1.6 Tell You Tonight
1.7 Fly
1.8 So Close to Heaven
1.9 The Sound of Love
1.10 One Step

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