Eric Loy

Eric Loy: Catapult

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Eric Loy

Title: Catapult
Label: CD Baby

Eric Loy has played guitar and harpguitar in numerous solo gigs in the Ohio area since the sixties. He also plays in an instrumental fusion trio called Hipperoos. Eric also has been a full time guitar teacher for thirty years.

1.1 Gangplank
1.2 Torn Tether
1.3 Brisance
1.4 Face Like a Flint
1.5 Cross Culture
1.6 Sincerity Summons No Witness
1.7 Bustlin'
1.8 Spider in King's Palace
1.9 Boomerang
1.10 Tomato Assassin
1.11 Caveat Knave
1.12 Four in the Furnace

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